New England Reformed Fellowship

What is New England Reformed Fellowship (NERF)?

The New England Reformed Fellowship (NERF) is a fellowship of Reformed pastors from various denominations across New England. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is as crucial for the health and as relevant to remedy the evils of our own day as when New England was founded and when revivals swept across the colonies, transforming churches and society.

The New England Reformed Fellowship began in the 1980s with a vision from confessionally reformed baptist, congregational and presbyterian pastors to meet monthly with no other agenda than to fellowship in the riches of Christ and encourage one another. These men serve in what are mostly smaller, scattered congregations. Our gatherings are times of learning, encouragement and rejoicing with those of like faith.

NERF began the Bolton Conference in 1985 to stimulate spiritual growth among God’s people, and to deepen vital understanding of historic Christian doctrine through the exposition of the Word of God.

Get Involved!

You are cordially invited to meet with us at our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of September through November and January through May at Immanuel Chapel in Upton, Massachusetts. A paper is presented on a biblical, theological, historical or biographical subject. This is followed by hearty discussion and a time of prayer. Before and after the meeting are opportunities of fellowship. Often a group of the men go to lunch together.

Pastors are always welcome at our meetings. We also welcome laymen to attend. Please come early (anytime after 8:30 AM) for a muffin and coffee. We begin around 9:15 AM and continue until about 12:00 PM.

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