Conference History

This list of past Bolton Conferences is partial; there are no remaining ministers we know of who kept records. Below you can find the themes, titles, and speakers of each Bolton Conference, which are chosen each year by the Fellowship’s Executive Committee. From 1985 to 1993, the conference venue was the Trinity Congregational Church in Bolton, MA. For the next three years, it was held at the Newton Presbyterian Church, and from 1997 to now, it has been at the Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church in Whitinsville, MA.

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1985 Bolton Conference:
"The Church" – William Barker
"Inerrancy" – Roger Nicole

1986 Bolton Conference:
Session 1 – "Preaching Faith in a Secular World" – David F. Wells
Session 2 – "Coming to Faith" – Sinclair Ferguson
Session 3 – "Living by Faith" – Sinclair Ferguson
Session 4 – "Justification by Faith" – David F. Wells
Session 5 – "Consummation of Faith" – Sinclair Ferguson

1987 Bolton Conference:
"Hebrews" – Joel Nederhood
"Romans 5-6 on Christology" – David Gordon

1988 Bolton Conference:
J.I. Packer
"Doctrine of God in the Psalms" – S. DeWaal

1989 Bolton Conference:
"Christ: Prophet, Priest & King" – James M. Boice
"The Priesthood of Believers" – Glenn Knecht

1990 Bolton Conference:
"Proverbs: Its Application Today" – Bruce Waltke
"Christ in John’s Gospel" – Donald A. Carson

1991 Bolton Conference:
"Psalms" – O. Palmer Robertson
"Revival and the Character of God" – Maurice Roberts

1992 Bolton Conference:
"Joy and the Justification of God" – John Piper
"Luther/Joy and the Justification of God" – W. Robert Godfrey

1993 Bolton Conference:
The Power of the Bible in the Modern World
"The Bible: All We Need" – Glenn Knecht
"The Bible and Counseling" – Glenn Knecht
"The Bible and Family" – Glenn Knecht
"Power of the Bible to Transform Lives, to Restore Life to the Church, and in the Pulpit" – Geoffrey Thomas

1994 Bolton Conference:
Towards a New Reformation
"Sola Scriptura" – James M. Boice
"Sola Fide & Gratia" – James M. Boice
"Soli Deo Gloria" – James M. Boice
"Origins of Jonathan Edwards" – Iain Murray
"Life and Ministry of Jonathan Edwards" – Iain Murray
"The Expectation of Revival Today" – Iain Murray

1995 Bolton Conference:
Hope Held Firmly to the End
"Perseverance and the Experience of Israel" – Joel R. Beeke
"Perseverance in the Teaching of Paul and the Puritans" – Joel R. Beeke
"Perseverance as a Trinitarian Comfort and an Earnest Responsibility" – Joel R. Beeke
"How Can Jacob Survive" – William Hogan
"The Seed in Good Ground" – William Hogan
"Union with Christ" – William Hogan

1996 Bolton Conference:
Recovering the Gospel
"How We Lost the Sovereignty of God" – David F. Wells
"Why Truth is Inconsequential" – David F. Wells
"Can We Seek the Church’s Reformation Together?" – David F. Wells
"The Folly of God and the Message of the Cross" – Donald A. Carson
"The Folly of Preaching and the Power of God" – Donald A. Carson
"The Folly of Naturalism and the Work of the Spirit" – Donald A. Carson

1997 Bolton Conference:
Sin & Grace
"Sin: Original and Imputed" – Thomas J. Nettles
"Grace Imputed and Increased" – Thomas J. Nettles
"Sin Consummated: Destruction of the Devil's Works" – Thomas J. Nettles
"Sovereign Grace: Nature and Scope" – W. Robert Godfrey
"The Law, Sin and Our Enemies" – W. Robert Godfrey
"Grace Consummated: The Full Enjoying of God" – W. Robert Godfrey

1998 Bolton Conference:
Holiness and the Fear of God
"The Promises of God: The Ground of Holiness" – Scott J. Hafemann
"The Fear of God: The Instrument of Holiness" – Scott J. Hafemann
"The Purity of God’s People: The Content of Holiness" – Scott J. Hafemann
"The Diagnosis of Immaturity" – Hywel R. Jones
"The Prognosis of Immaturity" – Hywel R. Jones
"The Remedy of Immaturity" – Hywel R. Jones

1999 Bolton Conference:
The Holy Spirit & Redemption
"The Holy Spirit as Author of Scripture, Spiritual Life & Evangelism" – Mark Dever
"The Holy Spirit as Author of Preaching, Assurance and Missions" – Iain Murray

2000 Bolton Conference:
God’s Law and the Christian
"The Law and God's Character" – Maurice Roberts
"God's Law and Christ" – Maurice Roberts
"God's Law and Justification" – Maurice Roberts
"Moral, Civil and Ceremonial" – Joel R. Beeke
"God's Law and Evangelism" – Joel R. Beeke
"God's Law and Sanctification" – Joel R. Beeke

2001 Bolton Conference:
True Christian Fellowship
"Fellowship of the Godhead" – Samuel Waldron
"Fellowship with God: Man’s Need, God’s Provision" – Samuel Waldron
"Fellowship in the Local Church: Foretaste of Heaven" – Samuel Waldron
"Fellowship with God: Comfortable and Uncomfortable" – Conrad Mbewe
"Union with Christ: The Blessedness and Duty" – Conrad Mbewe
"Fellowship of the Saints: The Church Universal, Militant & Triumphant" – Conrad Mbewe

2002 Bolton Conference:
"Where is God When Things Go Wrong?" – John Blanchard
"Has Science Got Rid of God?" – John Blanchard
"Can We Be Good Without God?" – John Blanchard
"The Need for Evangelism" – Dr. Rick Daniels
"The Means of Evangelism "– Dr. Rick Daniels
"The Goal of Evangelism" – Dr. Rick Daniels

2003 Bolton Conference:
True Spirituality
"The Importance of Heart Religion" – Michael Haykin
"A Guide to True Affections" – Michael Haykin
"The Danger of Counterfeits" – Michael Haykin
"True Spirituality: Wisdom" – Hywel R. Jones
"True Spirituality: Worship" – Hywel R. Jones
"True Spirituality: Witness" – Hywel R. Jones

2004 Bolton Conference:
"What’s the Big Deal?" – Irfon Hughes
"How Can I Be Right with God?" – Irfon Hughes
"The Siamese Twins of Salvation" – Irfon Hughes
"The Sinfulness of Sin: A Truth to Humble Us" – Ian Hamilton
"The Justification of God: A Truth to Fight For" – Ian Hamilton
"The Dangers We Face: A Truth to Engage With" – Ian Hamilton

2005 Bolton Conference:
Life and Death: Physical, Spiritual & Eternal
"Death, the Consequence of Sin" – Iain D. Campbell
"Death, the Tyranny of Sin" – Iain D. Campbell
"Death, the Punishment of Sin" – Iain D. Campbell
"Physical Life" – Robert E. Davis
"Spiritual Life" – Paul Wanamaker
"Eternal Life" – Dr. Rick Daniels

2006 Bolton Conference:
House Beautiful: Christ's Church
"The House Planned, Built, & Inhabited: Known from Eternity" – William Barcley
"The Purpose of the House: Worship in Word, Praise and Prayer" – William Barcley
"Activities Outside the House: Light and Salt in the World" – William Barcley
"Conversation Within the House: Fellowship" – Donald Whitney
"Maintenance of the House: Discipline" – Donald Whitney
"Consummation of the House: A Radiant, Holy and Eternal Joy" – Donald Whitney

2007 Bolton Conference:
Christ in the Psalms & The Message to Titus
"Psalms 45, 101 and 96" – Christian Adjemian
"The Message to Titus" – Stuart Olyott

2008 Bolton Conference:
Messiah Jesus: From Isaiah and John
"Jesus the King" – Andrew Davies
"Jesus the Servant" – Andrew Davies
"Jesus the Anointed One" – Andrew Davies
"Jesus' Legs Not Broken" – Hywel R. Jones
"Jesus' Side Was Pierced" – Hywel R. Jones
"Jesus' Body Was Buried" – Hywel R. Jones

2009 Bolton Conference:
John Calvin and the Reformation of the Church
"Calvin, the Reformer" – Ligon Duncan
"Calvin's Reformation of the Doctrine of the Christian Life" – Ligon Duncan
"Calvin's Reformation of the Doctrine of Justification" – Ligon Duncan
"The Place of Piety" – Mark Johnston
"Reformation of God: Honoring Worship" – Mark Johnston
"Reformation: The Need for Missions" – Mark Johnston

2010 Bolton Conference:
A John Bunyan Feast
"Pilgrim's Progress: From the City of Destruction to the Cross" – Derek Thomas
"Pilgrim's Progress: From the Cross to Vanity Fair" – Derek Thomas
"Pilgrim's Progress: From Vanity Fair to the Celestial City" – Derek Thomas
"Bunyan's Preaching to the Heart" – Joel R. Beeke
"Bunyan on Justification" – Joel R. Beeke
"A Bunyanesque Sermon on the Holy War Within" – Joel R. Beeke

2011 Bolton Conference:
Christian Contentment and William Tyndale
"Learning Contentment" – William Barcley
"The Contentment of the Discontented Christian" – William Barcley
"Finding Contentment in Affliction" – William Barcley
"William Tyndale: A Life Cut Short" – Thomas J. Nettles
"William Tyndale and Reformation Thought" – Thomas J. Nettles
"William Tyndale and the Bible" – Thomas J. Nettles

2012 Bolton Conference:
Philips’ Question (Acts 8:30)
Session 1 – "Figuring It Out: The Old Testament Author’s Intention" – Dale Ralph Davis
Session 2 – "The Old Testament as Key to Understanding the Book of Revelation" – Gregory K. Beale
Session 3 – "At Peniel: The Discipline of Wrestling with Old Testament Texts" – Dale Ralph Davis
Session 4 – "The Temple, the Two Witnesses and the Lampstands in Revelation 11" – Gregory K. Beale
Session 5 – "Rubbing It In: Applying Old Testament Texts to New Testament People" – Dale Ralph Davis
Session 6 – "The Beauty of How Matthew 2:15 Fulfills Hosea 11:1" – Gregory K. Beale

2013 Bolton Conference:
The Christian’s Confession and Living as Christ’s Church
Session 1 – "Why Confessions?" – Carl F. Trueman
Session 2 – "The Church: Saints Loving Christ" – Thabiti Anyabwile
Session 3 – "Confessions and the Reformation" – Carl F. Trueman
Session 4 – "The Church: Saints Loving Saints" – Thabiti Anyabwile
Session 5 – "The Contemporary Scene and Confession" – Carl F. Trueman
Session 6 – "The Church: Saints Loving Sinners" – Thabiti Anyabwile

2014 Bolton Conference:
The Kingdom of God
"Old Testament" – David Murray
"New Testament" – David Green

2015 Bolton Conference:
Evangelism in an Ever-Changing World
Session 1 – "How Did Calvin Evangelize?" – Joel R. Beeke
Session 2 – "Reforming Our Message of Evangelism" – Dr. Lars Larson
Session 3 – "How Should We Evangelize Our Children?" – Joel R. Beeke
Session 4 – "Puritan Evangelism" – Joel R. Beeke
Session 5 – "How Should We Evangelize Our Communities Today?" – Joel R. Beeke
Session 6 – "Reforming Our Method of Evangelism" – Dr. Lars Larson

2016 Bolton Conference:
Session 1 – "Living as Exiles: Daniel 1" – Iain Duguid
Session 2 – "Living as a Faithful Church in a Hostile Culture: Acts 4" – Ian Hamilton
Session 3 – "Surviving the Lions: Daniel 6" – Iain Duguid
Session 4 – "Living as a Faithful Citizen in a Hostile Culture: 1 Peter 2:13-25" – Ian Hamilton
Session 5 – "The Triumph of the Son of Man: Daniel 7" – Iain Duguid
Session 6 – "Living as a Faithful Parent in a Hostile Culture: Ephesians 5:22-6:4" – Ian Hamilton

2017 Bolton Conference:
Semper Reformanda: Always Reforming
Session 1 – "The Saving and Judging Righteousness of God: Romans 3:21-26" – Thomas Schreiner
Session 2 – "William Tyndale and Sola Scriptura" – Michael Haykin
Session 3 – "Thomas Cranmer and Solus Christus" – Michael Haykin
Session 4 – "God Justifies the Ungodly: Romans 4:1-8" – Thomas Schreiner
Session 5 – "Sealing the English Reformation in Blood: The Witness of Jane Gray" – Michael Haykin
Session 6 – "The Benefits of Justification: Galatians 3:1-5" – Thomas Schreiner

2018 Bolton Conference:
Walking with Christ in a World of Evil
Session 1 – "Object of Our Faith" – Dr. Rick Daniels
Session 2 – "Prayers of Jesus: His Regular Routine" – Dr. Mark Jones
Session 3 – "Christ, Hear Ye Him" – Dr. Rick Daniels
Session 4 – "The Prayers of Jesus: Jesus as High Priest" – Dr. Mark Jones
Session 5 – "Christ Our Sovereign Redeemer" – Dr. Rick Daniels
Session 6 – "The Prayers of Jesus: Jesus in the Garden" – Dr. Mark Jones

2019 Bolton Conference:
The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Session 1 – "The Divine Personal Spirit of God (Acts 5:3, 4)" – Geoffrey Thomas
Session 2 – "The Irony of Idolatry and the Work of the Spirit" – Gregory K. Beale
Session 3 – "Asking for the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13)" – Geoffrey Thomas
Session 4 – "The Temple and the Church's Mission Through the Spirit (Part 1)" – Gregory K. Beale
Session 5 – "The Temple and the Church's Mission Through the Spirit (Part 2)" – Gregory K. Beale
Session 6 – "The Power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13)" – Geoffrey Thomas

2020 Bolton Conference:
Session 1 – "From Puritanism to the Evangelical Revival: Seeing God's Hand at Work" – John Snyder
Session 2 – "The Experiential Epistemology of the Puritans and Early Evangelicals: Something Must Be Known and Felt" – John Snyder
Session 3 – "The Doctrine of Regeneration in Puritanism and the Evangelical Revival" – John Snyder
Session 4 – "John Robinson: Pastor of the Pilgrims" – Dr. Herbert Samworth
Session 5 – "John Eliot: Pastor of the Red Indians" – Dr. Herbert Samworth
Session 6 – "Jonathan Dickinson: Pastor of Revival" – Dr. Herbert Samworth

2021 Bolton Conference:
Session 1 – "Historic Setting of Luther’s 'Here I Stand'" – Ross Macdonald
Session 2 – "Sola Scriptura" – David Green
Session 3 – "Sola Fide" – Bill Broughton
Session 4 – "Sola Gratia" – Ron Bridge
Session 5 – "Solus Christus" – Lars Larson
Session 6 – "Soli Deo Gloria" – Paul Wanamaker

2022 Bolton Conference:
Session 1 – "The Psalms and the Victory of Christ" – Christopher Ash
Session 2 – "In a Garden" – Stuart Olyott
Session 3 – "The Psalms and the Scriptures of Christ" – Christopher Ash
Session 4 – "In a House" – Stuart Olyott
Session 5 – "The Psalms and the Pathway of Christ" – Christopher Ash
Session 6 – "On a Beach" – Stuart Olyott